Why Go Solar in Dallas?

why go solar in dallas, tx?

Are you thinking about switching to solar energy in Dallas? If not, you should be.  Here in Dallas, we have amazing museums, lively performing art venues, and a buzzing nightlife sprawled across dozens of bustling neighborhoods like Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts. We’re home to the Mavericks and The Dallas Cowboys, and don’t forget about […]

See How One Couple is Using Solar Energy to Prepare for Retirement (Case Study)

Meet Frank and Ida After raising three children together, Frank and Ida are busy planning for retirement. Now, they spend their free time wrestling a rambunctious golden doodle named Sadie while patiently waiting for one of their children to give them a grandchild.  When they aren’t wrangling Sadie, the couple spends their time dreaming about […]

Why One Family Chose Solar (Case Study)

Meet the Johnson Family Andrew and Lisa met each other in college, but this isn’t your average love story. These two met while volunteering in their college’s monthly trash pick-up. Lisa often jokes that she found Andrew in a heaping pile of garbage and just knew he was the one.  The couple hit it off […]

A Texas Family’s Solar Energy Story (Case Study)

Meet the Miller Family  The Millers are your standard Texan family – a dad, a mom, four children, and a beautiful golden retriever named Max. Mr. Miller has spent the last two decades working hard to support the family of six, while Mrs. Miller has devoted her life to being a full-time mom. Together, they’ve […]

Solar Installation Costs Texas

texas solar installation costs

Are you thinking about switching to solar panels as a way to save money on your monthly energy bills in Texas? If so, you’re making a smart move that could stand to earn you a considerable amount of money over the life of your solar panel system. But you’re probably wondering how much it costs […]

Solar Rebate Programs in Texas

Texas solar rebate programs

Climate change is a concern for many people. As such, there is a need to go green and help do our part in making the planet a healthier place for everyone. What’s more, the need to make an impact now is perhaps greater than it’s ever been. Because of this and more research that’s come […]

EV Incentives in Texas

ev incentives in texas

Residents are becoming increasingly interested in learning about EV incentives in Texas. It makes sense, as more consumers are on the lookout for alternative energy sources. After all, electric vehicles represent a viable solution to cutting costs and saving money. What’s more, gas-powered vehicles are bad for the environment. Anyone looking to do their part […]

EV Charger Installation Cost in Texas

ev charger installation costs in Texas

If you own an electric vehicle or are considering buying one, you might be wondering what it costs to have an EV charger installed. As a Texas resident, it’s important to understand what goes into EV charger installation costs and what you can expect to pay. If you’re used to charging at charging stations, imagine […]

Is Solar Worth it in Texas?

is solar worth it in Texas

Have you considered getting solar panels installed on your Texas home? It’s not an easy decision, especially considering that solar installation can be pretty expensive. This has likely led to many Texas residents asking: is solar worth the investment in Texas? Texas is a breeding ground for technical innovation. While many people may be unaware, […]

Battery Storage Installation Cost in Texas

battery storage installation costs texas

After some extensive research, you probably know a few things about solar battery storage installation in Texas. You might’ve looked into the cost of solar panels installation in Texas or whether or not Texas has any solar incentive programs and stumbled across the necessity of solar battery storage. Maybe you have a solar panel system […]