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A Texas Family’s Solar Energy Story (Case Study)

Table of Contents

Meet the Miller Family 

The Millers are your standard Texan family – a dad, a mom, four children, and a beautiful golden retriever named Max. Mr. Miller has spent the last two decades working hard to support the family of six, while Mrs. Miller has devoted her life to being a full-time mom. Together, they’ve built a beautiful life for their four children. 

Now, two of their children are teenagers and are headed to college soon. While the couple had some money put away for the kids’ future, college isn’t cheap. When their oldest got their acceptance letter to UT Austin, the Millers knew they were going to have to figure something out.  

They started researching and met with their financial planner for ideas on how to save a little extra money each month. He suggested looking into solar energy as an option to save. The Millers decided to look into it, but they had some concerns. 

How they knew solar energy was the right move for them. 

After doing a few online calculators, the Millers realized their financial planner was right. They might actually save some money by switching to solar energy. However, they were apprehensive about upfront costs. 

They weren’t sure exactly how much they could save, and frankly, they didn’t know if they could afford it. But they were interested in learning more. 

They looked online and found StarPoint Solar listed as one of the top Solar panel installers in Texas, and they decided to give us a call. 

Mr. Miller made the call on speakerphone, so Mrs. Miller could be a part of the decision. The first question out of his mouth was, “Alright, how much is this going to cost me upfront?”

He explained that with two kids on the way to college, the Millers didn’t have a lot of free money for costly down payments. When we told them that when you go solar with StarPoint, there are no upfront costs – they were thrilled!  

We calculated their potential solar savings, and they were shocked to hear how much money they would save by switching. They signed up for solar that day, and they’ve been pleased with the results ever since! 

The Details of The Miller Family’s Solar Project  



Residential Type


Number of Panels

39 Panels 

Size of PV System: kWh

12.87 kW

Equipment Brands

Panels: Silfab 330

Inverter: SolarEdge w/ Power Optimizers

Performance software: SolarEdge monitoring app

Total Cost 

Before Incentives: $54,484.93

After Incentives: $40,319.00

Incentives Applied 

Federal ITC

How did they finance the system?

25-year loan, 2.99%

Electric Bill 

Before: $357

After: $313 (solar $195. new electric bill $118) 

20-Year Savings 


The Results Speak for Themselves

When the Millers saw their 20-year savings of $53,621.00 – the decision was a no-brainer. Paired with a no-hassle set-up, zero upfront costs, and stellar online reputation, the Millers knew switching to solar was the best choice for their family. 

They’re able to save a little extra every single month to go towards their children’s futures. As any parent will tell you, those little savings really add up. 

For the Millers, those little savings add up to almost $54K.

Request Your Free Quote, and Save Money Like the Millers 

If you’re a family looking to save a little money, consider switching to solar energy like the Millers. By making the change, the Millers have been able to save a little extra money every month – a really important thing with two teenagers on their way to college. 

The Millers trusted SunLife with their Solar project because of our exceptional reputation and how easy we make the process. Plus, with the option for no upfront costs, you can start saving right away. 

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