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See How One Couple is Using Solar Energy to Prepare for Retirement (Case Study)

Table of Contents

Meet Frank and Ida

After raising three children together, Frank and Ida are busy planning for retirement. Now, they spend their free time wrestling a rambunctious golden doodle named Sadie while patiently waiting for one of their children to give them a grandchild. 

When they aren’t wrangling Sadie, the couple spends their time dreaming about their upcoming adventures post-retirement. Frank has worked for the same company for twenty-three years, and Ida has been an elementary teacher for over thirty years. The couple definitely deserves to have some exciting, post-retirement fun. 

However, like most people their age, their retirement funds were impacted by the financial crises in 2008 and 2020. As a result, they’re looking at having a little less than they had planned to have. They talked about working a few more years but didn’t like the thought of having to put off retirement, so they started looking into other options. 

With a fixed income on the horizon, they needed solutions to save money and prepare for a lower annual income post-retirement. Their pastor suggested they look into solar energy. 

So, they did, but they weren’t sold on the idea right away. 

When the couple knew solar energy was the solution they needed.  

Frank and Ida called around to a few different solar energy companies in Texas and weren’t sold right away. Many of the companies they spoke to didn’t offer any warranties, so the couple was worried they’d invest in solar only to have it break down on them later. 

Their plan was to get solar installed with a loan and pay most of it down while they were both still working. Then, once it was paid off, the couple could enjoy low-cost energy, which would help lower their monthly expenses – the ultimate goal. 

But, if they got solar installed and it stopped working, it wouldn’t help them at all. Instead, they would be wasting their retirement money on the potential that would never pay off. That’s why warranties were non-negotiable for Frank and Ida. 

When they called us here at Starpoint Solar Panels Installation Company Arlington TX, they were immediately impressed with their Solar advisor’s friendliness and attention to detail. The advisor explained our extensive warranties on all our products and how they would be protected no matter what. 

This put the couple at ease. However, they wanted some more time to think. Our solar advisor followed up with Frank and Ida the following week. They signed up on the call, saying we were the only company who answered their concerns about warranties and the only company to follow up with them! 

Since installing, the couple has been pleased with their results. 

The Details of This Wichita Falls, Texas Solar Project  



Residential Type

Single-family home

Number of Panels


Size of PV System: kWh

11.58 kW

Equipment Brands

Panels: Sifab 340

Inverter: SolarEdge

Performance software: SolarEdge Monitoring App

Total Cost 

Before Incentives: $46,780

After Incentives: $34,617

Incentives Applied 

Federal ITC

How did they finance the system?

20-year loan, 2.99% interest

Electric Bill 

Before: $205

After: $208 ($148.55 loan, $59.45 new bill) 

25-Year Savings 


The Results Speak for Themselves

In 25 years, the couple will save a total of $32,954 on their electricity costs. That takes a huge burden off their retirement planning. It’s also as much as the couple could add to their retirement if they worked an extra three years. 

Now, they don’t even have to think about pushing off retirement. 

More than that, with a low-interest, 20-year loan, they’ll have the system paid off shortly after they begin retirement. After that, they can expect their electricity bills to be less than $60 a month! 

Less than sixty a month for electricity is a huge deal when you’re dealing with a fixed income. The cost savings are significant for the couple, and the long-lasting warranties give them the peace of mind they need to enter their well-earned retirement without

Request Your Free Quote and Start Planning for Your Future

If you’re planning on retiring in the next few years, consider switching to solar, like Frank and Ida did. By making the switch, the couple is able to retire on schedule, knowing they are saving $32,954 in electricity costs. 

Frank and Ida chose Starpoint Solar for their solar project, thanks to our commitment to customer service and our unmatched warranties. With low-interest loans and our no-hassle pricing on our solar systems, you can start preparing for your future, too. 

Contact us now to schedule your obligation-free quote.