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Why Go Solar in Dallas?

why go solar in dallas, tx?

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Are you thinking about switching to solar energy in Dallas? If not, you should be. 

Here in Dallas, we have amazing museums, lively performing art venues, and a buzzing nightlife sprawled across dozens of bustling neighborhoods like Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts. We’re home to the Mavericks and The Dallas Cowboys, and don’t forget about Big Tex! 

But we also have blisteringly hot summers and unpredictable winters (we’re looking at you, Icepocalypse 2021). Beating the humid heat and keeping our homes cool takes quite a bit of electricity. Unfortunately, lots of electricity means outrageous electric bills – and no one likes that.    

Solar energy provides a way to beat the heat without blowing the budget. But it has so many more benefits than just cost savings. Let’s take a look at all the reasons you should consider making the switch to solar energy if you live in Dallas. 

Texas is Adopting Green Energy 

Texas often gets a bad reputation on the clean energy front. As a whole, the state’s pretty pro-gas and oil industry. The legislators also seem to be in a perpetual state of arguing fossil fuels versus renewables. However, despite the legislative hubbub, Texas residents have shown their desire for more green energy options pretty clearly. 

In fact, Texas is the fourth in the nation for solar energy adoption. Right now, solar energy only accounts for 1.35% of the state’s total energy, but it’s projected to grow a total of 14,958 MW over the next five years, moving it up to the second largest adopter in the country. Even at 1.35% adoption, it’s still one of the country’s leaders in terms of solar. 

Texas also has the most wind energy capacity installed. As a result, wind energy accounts for around 17.5% of the state’s electricity.  Not too shabby for a state that seems reluctant to adopt clean energy! 

This just shows the attitudes around green energy are shifting, and the people of Texas are excited about more renewable opportunities like solar energy. Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are always the first to lead the state towards innovation, so it’s the perfect time for Dallas residents to set the tone and kick the solar revolution off. 

But why go solar? What are the major benefits of making the switch? Is it really worth it?  

8 Benefits to Going Solar in Dallas

These eight reasons are some of the biggest reasons Dallas residents are making the switch. 

The Energy Savings

Solar panels help you use the power of the sun to save money every month on your electricity. The average 20-year energy savings for a Dallas homeowner is $15,866. That’s right. In energy savings alone, you can save nearly $16K. 

After the system is paid off in 6.5-7.9 years (if you don’t buy it outright), you just enjoy hassle-free energy savings. What could you do with an extra $16K? 

Home Value Increase

Did you know that having solar panels on your home can increase your property value by as much as 4.1%? The Dallas housing market is on a rocket ship with no signs of slowing down. So whether you want to list your home and reap the rewards or increase your home equity and refinance with these historically low rates – getting solar panels is a great way to do it. 

Tax and Rebate Incentives 

So, if saving thousands of dollars and increasing your property value isn’t enough – there are also some nifty incentives for going solar in Dallas. For one, you have the Federal ITC credit, set to expire soon. This credit allows you to take a percentage off the total purchase price of your solar system. (Right now, the rate is 22% off, but it expires in 2022, so you’ll want to take advantage of the credit while it’s active).

Aside from the Federal ITC, the popular energy provider, TXU, offers a renewable buyback program. You can earn credits (aka cashback) on your bill when your home produces more clean energy than it uses. There’s no cap either! So, any extra energy you make, you get money back at the end of the year. (A few other electricity companies have solar and renewable incentives, so be sure to check with your provider for more details about the benefit of going solar with them). 

Predictable Bills 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look at your electric bills for June and July and not want to pass out? If you feel like your electric bills are getting more expensive every year – you’re right. Rates in Texas have increased by 4.1% in the last couple of years and are expected to keep rising. In fact, Texas pays more than most of the nation for electricity. 

We have a deregulated market, and we only have ERCOT to depend on, so what can you do to stop the unpredictable bills and sky-high rates? Get solar energy. Solar panels help keep your rates predictable and consistent for stress-free, long-term energy bills. We have so much sun here in Dallas that it’s easy to keep solar energy prices low and predictable. You also never have to worry about TOU rate hikes, either.  

Energy Independence 

“ONCOR is aware of a possible outage in your area.” Don’t you hate receiving that text? If you’ve been in Dallas a while, you know those texts come in way too frequently. When you switch to solar panels and get a solar battery, you can say goodbye to headaches like that for good. For many homeowners, the thought of cutting the cord with the grid is the whole reason they go solar at all. 

Generally, when a solar system produces more energy than it needs, the energy goes back to the grid. However, if you have a battery, you can save up your unused energy and use it during power outages. So take that, power outages!  

Environmental Benefits 

Look, no matter how you feel about the gas industry, there’s no denying that solar energy improves air quality by reducing emissions and the amount of fossil fuel power generation needed. So if you want to do your part to make the planet a healthier place to live, getting solar panels is a fantastic, hassle-free way to do it. 

Prices Are Ideal Right Now 

The price for solar panels in Dallas has dropped by 80% in the last ten years. However, as demand increases, the cost will increase as well. Demand is already on the rise. In 2020, Texas installed 2.5 GW of solar capacity, and it plans to add 4.6 GW in 2021 and an additional 5.4 GW in 2022. 

Most of this new solar construction is happening in the Permian Basin – the same place where the oil business booms, signaling a potential pivot for the west Texas job market. If clean energy can supplement the oil industry jobs, there’s no stopping complete green energy proliferation in Texas. 

In other words, the boom has just begun, so take advantage of today’s lower prices before the rest of the state catches on and causes the prices to rise.  

EV: Match Made in Heaven 

Remember when everyone made fun of people who drove a Prius? That was until they told us how much they saved in gas. Electric vehicles have come a long way since then with Teslas and Ford’s new F-150 EV Truck. However, despite new EV development, finding charging stations can be pretty tricky. 

Did you know that solar panels can serve as a charging station for your EVs? That’s right. That’s why so many people who have EVs also have solar panels. They’re a match made in green energy heaven. So, if you have an EV (or are planning to get one), solar panels just make sense. 

Going Solar as a Renter? 

Now, even renters can take advantage of solar energy thanks to community solar programs in Texas. Going solar as a renter is a fantastic way to do your part to reduce our reliance on electricity fueled by fossil fuels.

Community solar is a terrific way to increase regional grid resiliency and make our city more prepared for things like unexpected blizzards or record-breaking heatwaves. Additionally, people who use community solar also tend to save money each month on their electric bills, just like homeowners who have their own solar panels do. 

The company CoServ is committed to solar energy growth and offers a 100% solar plan for renters. Many other electric companies like TXU and Reliant also allow renters to choose plans that use some solar energy instead of conventional energy. So if you’re a renter, be sure to check with your provider. 

Should I Go Solar in Dallas? 

So, should you take the leap and go solar in Dallas? Absolutely! 

By now, you know about all the benefits of going solar, including the incredible cost savings, incentives, and predictable bills. In addition, the prices are the lowest they’ve ever been, and with the federal ITC about to expire and the housing market in a boom – it’s the perfect time to add equity to your home and take advantage of going solar in Dallas. 

Still not sure? Look, the DFW metroplex is the fourth largest metroplex in the entire country. The solar energy wave is just hitting us, but it’s about to explode. So get on the bandwagon before the prices get too high and start taking advantage of savings today. 

Your wallet and our planet will thank you for it. 

Still have questions? Contact us today. We’d love to walk you through any concerns and give you a totally obligation-free quote. Simply fill out the form on the side of the page, and we’ll get back to you!