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Why One Family Chose Solar (Case Study)

Table of Contents

Meet the Johnson Family

Andrew and Lisa met each other in college, but this isn’t your average love story. These two met while volunteering in their college’s monthly trash pick-up. Lisa often jokes that she found Andrew in a heaping pile of garbage and just knew he was the one. 

The couple hit it off right away, and after hours of picking up trash, they went out for dinner, where they learned they were both passionate about environmental issues and saving the planet. 

In fact, Andrew says he knew he was going to marry Lisa when he heard her monologue about global warming and the declining population of sea animals for the first time. And one year after they graduated, he did. 

Today, the couple spends their free time participating in community initiatives with their only child, a precocious five-year-old named Eliza. 

For the young family of three, solar was an obvious choice. They already own an electric vehicle and are always looking for ways to do their part. They also recently installed a pool and weren’t happy with how much energy it uses. They hoped switching to solar might save them some money (and help ease their consciences). 

While composting one day, they shared their desire to go solar with their neighbor. He had recently made the switch, and he told them they should consider going with Starpoint Solar for solar energy because he had a good experience with us. 

The Johnson’s valued his opinion, but they wanted to do a bit more research before committing.  

The environmentalists say “yes” to Starpoint Solar.

When we spoke, they were initially concerned about warranties and whether we’d be around after the panels were installed. 

We informed them about our industry-leading warranties. Then, we let them know that they’d get a dedicated solar advisor who would serve as their point of contact whenever they needed anything down the road. 

After hearing that and seeing how much money they’d save, these environmentally conscious world-changers were excited to do their part to help save the planet – a mission they care deeply about. 

Since installing, they’ve been pleased with their results. They also really love their solar advisor and have developed a great relationship with him. In fact, he now comes to their monthly board game nights.  

The Details of The Johnson’s Solar Project



Residential Type

Single-Family home

Number of Panels


Size of PV System: kWh

10.2 kW

Equipment Brands

Panels: Sifab 340

Inverter: SolarEdge w/ Power Optimizers

Performance software: SolarEdge monitoring app

Total Cost 

Before Incentives: $44,464.40

After Incentives: $21,788

Incentives Applied 

Federal and State ITC

How did they finance the system?

25-year, 2.99% loan

Electric Bill 

Before: $160

After: $149

25-Year Savings 


The Results: Savings & Guilt-Free Energy 

The Johnson’s love knowing they’re doing their part to help the environment. Little Eliza loves telling her friends that her home is powered by the sun. However, the most surprising part for the family has been the savings of $38,620

For the family, this means they have more money to go towards Eliza’s future and their volunteering projects. “It’s been really amazing to do something that not only feels good but is actually benefiting us in a positive way,” Frank said. 

We feel so happy to have helped a family who spends their time helping the environment and volunteering for others. They definitely deserve something special.  

Get a Free Quote and Start Doing Your Part for the Environment

If you want to do your part like Frank and Lisa, consider installing solar panels today. By making the swap, you get to do something great for the environment while getting thousands back in savings for yourself. 

The eco-conscious Johnsons chose Starpoint Solar because of our commitment to the environment, our top-of-the-line warranties, and our dedication to customer care – even after the project is over. 

Contact us now for your free quote, and see what solar can do for your family.